West End United Methodist Church

Disciple 1 Fast Track with Eric Gambill

Disciple 1 Fast Track is the latest version of the popular Disciple Bible Study series. West End member and experienced Bible teacher Eric Gambill will lead participants through this comprehensive Bible study. The course is designed to allow participants to read and study portions of each book of the Bible over the span of 24 weeks. The group will meet weekly for up to 75 minutes and complete manageable daily readings in preparation for each week’s class. Disciple I Fast Track is the entry level Bible study suitable for those who have never participated in a comprehensive Bible study before or who would like a refresher in the basics of the Bible narratives. 

Disciple 1 Fast Track will begin on Tuesday, September 15 at 7:30 PM, meeting through the fall, breaking over the holidays, and resuming in January 2021. Participants will spend 12 weeks in the Old Testament and 12 in the New Testament. Participants will need to purchase their own participant books prior to class (approx. $30) and have a Study Bible, preferably NRSV or CEB. Please try to register below by September 1 to help with our planning.


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