West End United Methodist Church

Earth Day Hike sponsored by Creation Care

In honor of Earth Day, explore God’s amazing creation. The Creation Care Committee invites you to walk/hike in a park or wherever you can.

Or join fellow West Enders this Sunday, April 18, at 1:00. Meet at the Edwin Warner Nature Center (7311 Highway 100, the first left past the Old Hickory traffic light). We’ll be on hand to greet you and give you a special ditty bag for your adventure. Hint: It includes a scavenger hunt list, a string, and a crayon. You’ll want these! They're fun!

There are plenty of options for an easy walk or a more challenging hike, either with a knowledgeable guide or as an adventure on your own or with your family, friends, or soon-to-be friends from church. Wear comfortable shoes and bring/wear a mask to be safe—and a camera, if you like. Enjoy the gifts God is blessing us with. See you Sunday!