West End United Methodist Church

“On This Spirit Walk by Henrietta Mann and Anita Phillips”: A Book Chat with Katie Minnis and Brandon Baxter

One of our commitments as a church striving to be more anti-racist is to utilize resources that help us hear and learn from voices that have been historically marginalized in our culture. In “On This Spirit Walk: The Voices of Native American and Indigenous Peoples,” readers will learn from a variety of Indigenous and Native American writers who are also United Methodist. These writers reflect on indigenous spirituality and the gifts that these beliefs and practices bring to the global community of faith. Chapters focus on ideas such as identity, values, storytelling, creation, worship, justice, and more.  

This book chat will be held on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm, starting November 2nd (skipping the week of Thanksgiving). Rev. Brandon Baxter and Pastoral Fellow Katie Minnis will serve as co-facilitators for our time together. 


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