West End United Methodist Church

Prayer and Protest: A Call to Antiracist Action and Racial Justice

West End UMC invites its members at the request of our Black Methodist siblings to a time of public witness along West End Avenue and then on the streets surrounding our church. We invite you to bring signs that are consistent with our church's beliefs and that are friendly to all ages. (Like "Love Thy Neighbor" or "I'll Never Understand but I Stand" or "Micah 6:8" or "Black Lives Matter"). We will invite all participants to a time of prayer at 2:15 PM that will last for 8 minutes and 46 seconds - the time a police officer kept his knee on the back and neck of George Floyd as he cried out for help, sharing that he could not breathe.The remainder of the time will be spent in public witness, holding signs as people pass by to view. If you need to spend part of that time seated, please bring your own camping or folding chair. Footage of this and photos will be shared, as requested by our siblings.

We want to do this event as safely as possible and have to put into place a limit on the number of people we have.  Everyone will have to click to agree to the COVID-19 restrictions we've put into place on the bottom of the reservation form. Members over the age of 65 are highly encouraged to stay home and participate in a public witness and time of prayer from your house. If you are unable to join us in person, we will send out instructions on how to be part of this public witness from your home. 

Note that each person from your household will need to be included separately on this form so we can get an accurate count of who will be there.



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