West End United Methodist Church

R.I.P. Medical Debt

Over 100 million people living in America, one in three, struggle with the pressure of medical debt. Through our church member, Dr. Trey Harrell, we learned of an organization that can wipe out medical debt for pennies on the dollar. For every $100 we raise, $10,000 of debt will be eliminated! We would like to raise $10,000 to eliminate $1,000,000 worth of debt! 

Our big push will be on March 17, 2024 but we will keep giving open throughout the month. This will be part of our emphasis on Mercy in our Lenten series on Mercy and Justice.


You can give to be a part of West End UMC's R.I.P. campaign by clicking here!

To pay with check , put "RIP Medical Debt" on the memo line. To pay with cash, put the cash in an offering envelope and write "RIP Medical Debt" on it.