West End United Methodist Church

Theater - West End Variety Show

Calling all members who want their name (and their face) in lights. Or who just want to show “their stuff,” on or off the stage. If you can sing, dance, play a musical instrument, act, paint/draw/sculpt, do magic, swing a hammer, sew a costume, coiffe a wig, even lip sync a favorite song - WE NEED YOU! Join us for West End’s first Variety Show on February 8 at 3 p.m. We ask that every Sunday School class be represented by an act on-stage or by helping behind the scenes. Send names and description of act/talent to James and Charlotte Sewell at jhscrs@bellsouth.net. To help behind the scenes, or to schedule private rehearsal timeplease contact John McGuire at 4thstory@westendumc.org