West End United Methodist Church

West End’s Booth at Nashville Pride Festival

Come share The Loving Light of Christ at this year’s Nashville Pride Festival on Saturday, June 25!  For over a decade a group of members from our church have participated in this festival that celebrates diversity in Nashville, particularly in the gay and lesbian community of Middle Tennessee.  Join us as we share stories about our church and our bedrock belief that God Loves Everyone Unconditionally at our church table at Public Square Park from 10am to 5pm.  (Public Square Park is located next door to City Hall, on the corner of James Robertson Pkwy and 3rd Avenue overlooking the Cumberland River.)   If you would like to volunteer to participate in this ministry of love by staffing our festival booth for a half hour or one-hour shift, contact Bryan Roberson at 615.957.3781 or at bryan@bryanroberson.com.  

West Ender Tom Lee says, “I go to the Nashville Pride celebration because I’m called to witness to a God and a church whose welcome are equally wide.” 

West Ender Bryan Roberson adds, “I go to Pride because I feel a calling to share God’s unconditional love, especially to people that are often told that God does not love them.  As someone who has been rejected by other churches, my life was transformed by the love and acceptance I found at West End UMC.  Therefore, it is important for me to share The Loving Light of Christ with those that I know have experienced that same kind of rejection.  Ministry at Pride is simply something I need to do. “