West End United Methodist Church

"Why Jesus?" Book Discussion

“Why?” will be the seemingly simple question that will guide us throughout this Lenten season. Through a series of sermons, we will explore various why questions including “why worship”, “why serve”, “why pray”, and others. At the center of each of these questions lies an even more fundamental one… “why Jesus?” What is it about the life, ministry, and gospel of Jesus Christ that has inspired and sustained generations of Christians in various contexts throughout the world?

As we enter this Lenten season, you are invited to explore this central question by reading the book Why Jesus? by Bishop Will Willimon. In this text, Willimon explores the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus through 12 distinct lenses. These include seeing Jesus as a Vagabond, a Peacemaker, a Party Person, and 9 other personas. This book is an excellent resource for turning toward the God known in Jesus Christ during Lent.

The book may be purchased and used in a variety of ways. Those who would like to use it as personal daily devotion will receive a suggested reading schedule. Sunday morning classes that would like to use the book for group study can request a study guide from Rev. Brandon Baxter. Rev. Baxter will also offer a Friday morning discussion of this book at 9:30 a.m. during the weeks of Lent beginning on Friday, February 16. Books will be available for purchase in Reed Hall beginning February 11. To pre-order a book or register for the Friday morning study, please visit westendumc.org/whyjesus


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