West End United Methodist Church

Encounter Service of Prayer and Presence, January 25, 2023

Speakers:Erin Racine
Topics:Encounter Service of Prayer and Presence

The Encounter Worship Series is a mid-week service of  “prayer and presence” taking place in conjunction with West End’s Wednesday evening dinner and programming.  Rev. Erin Racine, Pastor for Spiritual Formation, leads the service this evening, and Matthew Phelps, West End’s Minister of Music, is the music leader.  In the current series we are looking at scriptures through various means.  Tonight we’re using the technique, lectio divina, to consider Exodus 33.11-23, a conversation between Moses and God in which Moses makes a special request.  (This is the same passage that will be read in this Sunday’s services.)  Erin first explains the process of lectio divina, which includes reading the scripture over and over with invitation each time to focus on some aspect of the text that speaks to us.  After each reading we are given a period of quiet to reflect on that effect of the text on us and whether we need to do something as a result.   (NOTE: Below is a pdf of this evening’s program for viewing and/or downloading.)


  • Exodus :33:11-23


Encounter Service Bulletin (1/25/2023)