West End United Methodist Church

Encounter Service of Prayer and Presence, March 29, 2023

Speakers:Erin Racine
Topics:Encounter Service of Prayer and Presence

The Encounter Worship Series is a mid-week service of  “prayer and presence” taking place in conjunction with West End’s Wednesday evening dinner and programming.  Rev. Erin Racine, Pastor for Spiritual Formation, leads the service this evening, and Matthew Phelps, Minister of Music, leads the music.  This is the final Encounter service of the school year.  The format follows the normal Encounter format with hymn, confession, scripture, and encounter.   Tonight our scripture is John 18:33-38; 19:9-11a, 13-16a, the encounter of Jesus with Pilate.  Patrick McAnally speaks about his own encounters with Jesus.  He first credits his family with his introduction to church and Jesus, and then he credits a friend who gave him a book.  He learned much from David Lowes Watson who was an interim minister here, and in conversations with him and other ministers he found that questions were always welcome.  He also lists several church members who were welcoming.  He further credits being shown other dimensions of faith by our two most recent senior ministers, and he speaks about finding Jesus in little moments of the music, too.  He says we show up for each other – we show Jesus to others.   After Patrick’s account, Erin acknowledges the brokenness we all experienced with the shooting early this week at the Covenant School, offers prayer, and then offers us time for reflection and prayer as well as a chance to light a candle. (NOTE: Below is a pdf of this evening’s program for viewing and/or downloading.)


  • John :18:33-38; 19:9-11a, 13-16a


Encounter Service Bulletin (3/29/2023)