West End United Methodist Church

Jazz Mass Shrove Tuesday 2021

Speakers:Christopher Harris
Topics:Holy communion, Sermon

We celebrate Shrove Tuesday with a Jazz Mass each year,  This year because of the COVID pandemic and a winter storm, we are using video from the 2020 Jazz Mass (thus the absence of masks and social distancing) and inserting a Meditation from Christopher Harris for this year's Mass.  Christopher speaks on Re-Imagining Hope, using a passage from Isaiah.  Isaiah 43:19 talks about doing new things.  When was the last time we allowed ourselves to do something new?  In some ways the difficulties of the past year have forced us to turn to new things.  How do we re-imagine ourselves and build on hope, even when we’re at our lowest moments?  Verse 18, in a sense, challenges us to let go as a way to move on.  Hope can’t stay stagnant in a place where there is no future.  The last part of the verse assures that God will create a new path.  That is hope. 


  • Isaiah :43:19


Bulletin for Jazz Mass (2/16/2021)