West End United Methodist Church

Just Keep Walking

Speakers:Rev. Dr. Carol Cavin-Dillon
Topics:Lent, Sunday service

Through Lent we are considering what we can do to “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly,” and our focus is now on “walk humbly.”  The scripture today is the familiar story in Mark 10 where James and John ask a favor of Jesus, which is that they be seated at the right and left of Jesus when he comes into his glory.  In all the time that the disciples have spent with Jesus, apparently they don’t really understand.  We, too, tend to think of rewards, and that seems to be human nature.  We want to be recognized for who we are and what we do.  But Jesus, in words and example, calls us to serve rather than to be served.  To walk with Jesus is to learn to give of self in service, and if we keep walking with Jesus, he will correct us and guide us to walk humbly with God.   (NOTE: Reflecting the importance of the Word, the video begins with the scripture, but once it starts you can scroll back to the beginning of the service if you want.  The entire service is videoed.)


  • Mark :10:35-45


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Just Keep Walking (Scripture, Children's Moment and sermon)