West End United Methodist Church

Love is Greater Than Knowledge

Speakers:Rev. Dr. Carol Cavin-Dillon
Topics:Holy communion, Sunday service

This is the fourth in a sermon series based on 1 Corinthians 13’s treatise on love and titled, “Love, Always.”  Today’s reading from 1 Corinthians 8 is a bit confusing, in part because it is addressed to a church in a multi-layered society where it was okay to eat meat that had been sacrificed to idols.  Although Paul says it is fine to eat that meat and explains why, he also says that it might be harmful to those believers who firmly believe it is not right to do so.  In essence, to consider others puts love first.  (NOTE: The video begins with the Children’s Moment, but once it starts you can scroll back to the beginning of the service if you want.  The entire service is videoed.)


  • 1 Corinthians :8:1-3, 7-13


Early Service Bulletin (2/6/2022)

Late Service Bulletin (2/6/2022)


Love is Greater Than Knowledge (Children's Moment & Communion Meditation)