West End United Methodist Church

Past, Present, and Future Joy!

Speakers:Nancy Parker
Topics:Advent, Children's moment, Sermon, Sunday service

Through Advent we are looking at Psalms, today at Psalm 126.  Much like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol that moves Scrooge through visions of the past, present, and future, this psalm reviews the past, present, and future of God’s people.  The memory of who we have been can inform our present.  As we see others in the present who suffer we can cultivate joy through acts of compassion.  Unlike in Scrooge’s story where the future is threatening, the future in the psalm is truly hopeful and can have a lot to say to us about the meaning of Christmas.  (NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are livestreaming the early service only, using a chamber choir but having no congregation.  NOTE: The video begins with the Children’s Moment, but after starting it you can scroll back to the beginning of the service if you want to see the entire service.)


  • Psalms :126


Worship Service Bulletin (12/13/2020)


Past, Present, and Future Joy! (Children's Moment & Sermon)