West End United Methodist Church

Service of the Longest Night 2021

Speakers:Frances Merritt
Topics:Advent, Holy communion

This is a service acknowledging the longest night of the year, December 21, and designed to comfort and heal those who are experiencing darkness.  The service includes communion, prayer, anointing with oil, and the lighting of candles.  Rev. Frances Merritt delivers the message and begins with examples from the Bible of people in repentant and humble postures, contrasting that with our own attitudes that we can handle any situation.  Yet, we often find ourselves living with hopelessness.  She then cites various scriptures to say that in spite of our hopelessness God is there and is our hope.  That hope in the darkness is what we await in this season – the birth of Jesus, our savior and hope, Emmanuel, God with us. 


  • Genesis :1:1-2
  • Exodus :20:21
  • Isaiah :9:2, 6


Service of the Longest Night Bulletin (12/21/2021)


Finding Light in Darkness (Sermon for Longest Night)

Full Audio of Service of the Longest Night (12/21/2021)