West End United Methodist Church

Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing April, 2023

Speakers:Sally Ahner
Topics:Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing

The Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing is a different kind of worship service. Contemplative in nature, it is one of the ways to get in touch with one’s mystical self in the company of others with a similar intent, quieting the mind and listening for God.  As she has for years, Sally Ahner introduces the service and leads it.  The scripture for today is from Luke 24, the post-resurrection story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus who are joined by the risen Jesus.  There is also a reading from The Eyes of Jesus by John O’Donohue.  In this service, Sally is the pianist, one of the singers, and she gives a lengthy introduction to the effect of the spirit/breath in the period of long silence in the service.  There is always an important part of the Taizé service devoted to healing.  (NOTE: A pdf of the program containing all of the music, readings, and guidance is available below to view or download.) 


  • Luke :24:13-35