West End United Methodist Church

Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing - March 2024

Speakers:Will McLeane
Topics:Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing

The Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing is a different kind of worship service. Contemplative in nature, it is one of the ways to get in touch with one’s mystical self in the company of others with a similar intent, quieting the mind and listening for God.  Our Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Rev. Will McLeane, is leading the service along with the Taizé musicians.  The service includes readings from Philippians and from Malcom Guite, encouraging us to open ourselves.  There are times of silence, giving us time to meditate, and then there is a guided meditation in which Will McLeane uses a prayer of St. Patrick to inspire us in our meditation, bidding us to latch onto one of the phrases in the prayer corresponding to our own needs.  This guidance is then followed by a long period of silent meditation.  That meditative part of the service is then followed by a segment for healing of the body and/or spirit.   (Note: A full program bulletin containing all of the music and references is available for download as a pdf below.)


  • Philippians :2:1-11


Taizé Service Bulletin 3/17/2024