West End United Methodist Church

Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing New Year's Eve 2020

The Taizé Service of Prayer and Healing is a different kind of worship service. Contemplative in nature, it is one of the ways to get in touch with one’s mystical self in the company of others with a similar intent.  Traditionally, the New Year’s Eve Taizé service has included walking the labyrinth, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year it is not possible to gather to walk it in person.  As a result, this New Year’s Eve service more resembles other Taizé services, but the bulletin for the service has a drawing of the labyrinth, and worshippers are urged to read about it in the bulletin and trace the printed labyrinth.  That bulletin, available below as a pdf to open and/or download also includes the music in the service.  There is also a pdf available below with several more finger labyrinths.  The Rev. Brandon Baxter hosts the service.


  • Ecclesiastes :3:1-8, 15


Taizé Service Bulletin (12/31/2020)

Taizé Service Finger Labyrinths (12/31/2020)