West End United Methodist Church

When Jesus Moved On

Speakers:Rev. Dr. Carol Cavin-Dillon
Topics:Children's moment, Holy communion, Sermon, Sunday service

The text for the day is from Mark’s account of that very busy first day of Jesus’s ministry with the potential for a second day of healing even more people.  But on the morning of the second day, Jesus is missing because he has withdrawn to pray.  It’s a pattern in his life, and, if Jesus needs time to abide in God’s love, how much more do we need it?  John Wesley, too, talked about acts of piety and acts of mercy.  Oddly, even after his time of renewal, when the disciples call him to return to Capernaum, Jesus declines, saying he was called to move on to other places.  Sometimes God calls us to move on, too.  (NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are livestreaming the early service only, using a chamber choir but having no congregation.  NOTE:  The video begins with the Children’s Moment, but once it starts you can scroll back to the beginning of the service if you want.  The entire service is videoed.)


  • Mark :1:29-39


Worship Service Bulletin (2/7/2021)


When Jesus Moved On (Children's Moment & Communion Meditation)