West End United Methodist Church

Alive: Re-engaging Theologies of Hope, Session 7: Hope and Ecology

Speakers:Matthew Charlton

In this session, “Hope and Ecology,” Matt Charlton introduces guest Timothy Eberhart, Associate Professor of Theology and Ecology at Garrett Theological Seminary, who received his PhD and Master of Divinity degrees from Vanderbilt University, so this marks something of a homecoming for him.  Eberhart gives a general introduction to the ministry of ecology by recounting some particular actions and events.  In the course of this he brings in the challenge to Christians to become aware of and rise to action for “The Great Uncreation.”  Matthew W. Charlton is an ordained elder in the Tennessee Conference, teaching at Belmont University and Vanderbilt Divinity School, but currently at Garrett Evangelical Seminary.  He holds Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Religion degrees from Vanderbilt and a PhD in contemporary theology from Garrett Evangelical Seminary.