West End United Methodist Church

Centering Your Week Nov. 3, 2021

Speakers:Brandon Baxter, Erin Racine

This is a Wednesday evening series that rotates each month through WORD (scriptures for the month), WISDOM (Rev. Baxter interviews a guest), WONDER (exploring spiritual practices), and WAY (the way we live out our faith, ministries of compassion and care).  Tonight’s session is WORD, and Rev. Erin Racine, West End’s pastor of Hospitality and Congregational Care, gives a preview of the scriptural journey we are taking in our worship services through the season of Advent, the four Sundays leading up to Christmas and the arrival of Jesus. The texts come from the lectionary, and not all of the texts are “merry and bright,” and seem to be, in this sense, counter-cultural.  Erin reads through some of the passages that resemble apocalyptic literature, and points to their basis in hope and their caution to the reader to be alert.  They are using art by John August Swanson throughout, and Erin uses several pieces in her presentation.  In this session she reads, comments on, and asks questions about each of the scriptures coming up through Advent.