West End United Methodist Church

Lenten Noon Concert Series 2023 (4th Concert)

Topics:Concert, Lent

This is the fourth of West End’s 2023 Lenten Noon Concert series and features organist, Jonathan Rudy, playing the Moller organ in our sanctuary.   Dr. Rudy began playing and studying organ in high school, and his passion for the instrument and sacred music has never waned.   He earned a Doctorate in Organ and Sacred Music from Indiana University and has won numerous awards in competitions.  He currently serves as Cantor/Director of Music at Grace Lutheran Church in Clarksville, TN.   In today’s concert he draws from the classical compositions of Mozart and Bach with a wide dynamic range, then he ends with a prelude by the prolific Canadian composer, Healey Willan.   One of the Bach pieces is often played/heard during Lent as a confessional, and the Willan at the end points to the victory of Jesus at the cross, the culmination of this season.   (NOTE: A pdf of the program is available below to view and/or download.)


Program for Jonathan Rudy, Organ, Lenten Noon Concert 4


Full Audio of Jonathan Rudy Organ Concert, March 16, 2023