West End United Methodist Church

Service of Praise and Thanksgiving

Speakers:Jonathan Bratt Carle
In my 7 1/2 years at West End UMC, there have been many conversations about my doing a recital of sacred music. There never seemed to be an occasion to warrant this distinction, however, until now. As I go forth to take up the Call of ordained ministry, it seems appropriate to thank the choirs and congregation of West End, who have continuously affirmed and celebrated my pastoral and musical gifts. The program today seeks to present two things: that every note played or sung in this place is offered to the glory of the Triune God revealed in Jesus Christ; and that our choirs are proficient in an incredibly wide range of musical styles and idioms. Nowhere else can one find both the Anglican and American choral sounds presented professionally with this depth of palpable and arresting spiritual intensity. It is through this particular combination that I and many others have discovered our best selves. May this ministry continue to draw others by the power of the Holy Spirit, that God's kingdom of justice and love be revealed on Earth as in Heaven. Thanks be to God. — The Reverend Jonathan Bratt Carle, Mdiv, MMus


  • John 1:1-18
  • Malachi 3:1-4
  • Luke 2:1-21
  • Mark 1:9-34
  • Matthew 6:5-15
  • Matthew 26:20-29
  • Mark 14:32-72
  • Mark 15:1-41
  • John 19:38-42
  • John 20:1-18
  • Romans 8:1-18