West End United Methodist Church

WE Serve is an exciting project funded by the Mercy and Justice Committee’s Emerging Missions Grant. The idea originated with Ed and Crys Zinkiewicz, who interviewed several West End Members for their website, “Retire To Volunteering” (Check it out at retiretovolunteering.com). Many of the ministries these volunteers served were supported by West End grants. In an effort to help our congregation get to know one another, get to know organizations we support in Nashville, and be encouraged to volunteer, the Zinkiewicz’ birthed the WE Serve project. We hope you’ll listen to the interviews below and be inspired to pray for, give to, and volunteer at these fantastic organizations.


Grow, Cook, Serve // The Nashville Food Project



The Nashville Food Project

The Nashville Food Project was born from the idea that ALL people should have access to the food they want and need. We know that 1 in 6 people in Nashville lacks access to enough food to sustain a healthy lifestyle. But we also know that more than 40% of all the food in our city goes to waste. Solutions to hunger take much more than simple handouts. Poverty, unemployment, low wages and escalating housing costs all contribute to the challenges that the most vulnerable residents of our city face.
We believe food can be a powerful tool to foster health, belonging and justice in our community. That’s why we...

  • Grow — In our GARDENS we grow organic food intensively, and share resources with others interested in growing their own food. In 2018, our gardens produced 28,422 servings of fruits and vegetables to incorporate into our meals and supported 73 community gardeners in having the space and training to grow their own food. In addition, our branded garden program, Growing Together, helped support 7 New American farmers as they produced food on a market scale, selling to local restaurants and at The Richland Park Farmers Market.
  • Cook — In our KITCHENS we use recovered, donated, and garden-grown food to prepare and cook made-from-scratch meals. In 2018, our kitchens created 204,063 made-from-scratch meals shared in community with over 5,000 people through our partnerships with over 30 non-profits. 
  • Share — From our FOOD TRUCKS we share nourishing meals in partnership with local poverty-disrupting nonprofits and community groups. With over 30 non-profit partners and 47 meal sites, 84% of meal guests report that TNFP meals have increased the amount of fruits and vegetables they eat in a typical week. Additionally, 85% of meal guests note that TNFP meal gatherings help them feel more connected with their community.     

The Nashville Food Project embraces a vision of vibrant community food security in which everyone in Nashville has access to the food they want and need through a just and sustainable food system. Working toward these goals requires powerful, creative community collaboration... and we would love for you to be a part of it! Our work engages over 325 unique volunteers each month. We would love for you to join us!