West End United Methodist Church

Lenten Choral Concert The Passion According to St. Matthew

Topics:Concert, Lent

This concert is given as part of West End UMC’s Lenten experience during the COVID-19 pandemic with appropriate restrictions.  The choir consists of seven singers, including Dr. Matthew Phelps, West End’s Minister of Music, who not only directs the singers but also sings.  In addition, Phelps plays a Bach organ piece as part of the concert.  At the beginning of the video, Dr. Phelps explains the COVID situation and gives background for the main piece that comprises the concert, “The Passion According to St. Matthew” by Heinrich Schutz.  A pdf of the program, including the singers, the parts they play/sing, and some background for the concert is available as a pdf for viewing or download below. 


Lenten Choral Concert Program (3/28/2021)